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..::: Download TatukGIS Editor v1.13.0.618:::..

عضو جستجوگر سایتها و وبلاگهای فارسی زبان

The TatukGIS Editor supports all of the features of the free TatukGIS Viewer, plus an extensive set of features to create, edit, export, translate, and analyze GIS map files and projects. The Editor opens most GIS/CAD and raster image file types and most ArcView®, ArcExplorer®, and MapInfo Professional® projects. It supports the editing and saving of vector map geometry and attribute data to a number of shapefile and SQL database file types. The support for all file formats is ‘native’, which means that there is no need to convert to/from any internal format. This makes the Editor highly compatible with other GIS software products which an organization may be using.

The Editor can be used as a stand-alone desktop application or in a client-server or web server configuration. It can be connected to the following types of SQL database map layers: Oracle Spatial/Locator®, ESRI ArcSDE and Personal Geodatabase, Geomedia® (SQL Server and Access Warehouse), OpenGIS® Simple Features Specification for SQL, and TatukGIS binary. The Editor also supports the opening of WMS (Web Map Service) layers.

The Editor includes advanced functionality to build line and polygon topology to systematically identify and correct topology errors – such as polygon holes or overlaps, dangling line nodes, unconnected line intersections, etc. - from shapefile map layers.

Besides the reasonable license price, the TatukGIS Editor is intuitive to learn and use, which can significantly reduce user training costs. The Editor can be learned from the tutorials and help files which are accessible under the program’s Help menu. The user interface is provided in 16 languages

Editing Features:

عضو جستجوگر سایتها و وبلاگهای فارسی زبان

Edit already existing or create/digitize new vector file geometry and attributes. Save to supported shapefile formats, e.g., SHP, MID/MIF, DXF, GML, KML, DLG, GPX, CSV, and SQL database layer formats: i) Oracle Spatial/Locator, ii) ESRI Personal Geodatabase, iii) Geomedia SQL Server & Access Warehouse, iv) OpenGIS Simple Features for SQL Implementation, and v) TatukGIS native/binary.
Open/display ESRI ArcSDE spatial database map layers, export ArcSDE data to other supported formats.
Update or create vector shapes by importing x,y coordinates from a text file, spreadsheet, or WKT representation
Import x,y points data from a CSV file as a points shapefile layer, with attributes
Special shapefile drawing tools: rectangle, rotated rectangle, quadrilateral, circle, right angle, freehand drawing
Shapefile editing with distance/bearing measurements
Snap vertices to already existing vertices during when editing or digitizing new shapes
Translate map layers between supported file types using the import and export operations
Advanced filtering tools, e.g., shape type, spatial extent, selection, and/or attribute query (using SQL Builder), to extract specific data from a shapefile layer.
Edit shapefile attribute information in tabular form within the data panel
Export/import shapefile attribute data to/from a spreadsheet or database file
Line smoothing mode using B-Splines
Special clipboard layer (copy, paste, save, unions, subtractions, etc.)
Splitting and unions of vector shapes
Merge shapefile layers into one
Create buffers and convex hulls and use to perform spatial selections
Import/export data between a map layer and GPS devices using the GPX format
Build polygon and polyline topology layers and use to systematically identify and correct geometrical errors in shapefile layers
Integrated tutorials and help files; free trial version



عضو جستجوگر سایتها و وبلاگهای فارسی زبان

Viewing Features:

Open/read most shapefile (vector), grid, image, and SQL database map layer formats; support is native, with no need to import or convert data into any internal format
Open the attribute information of any vector map layer as a table in the data panel; perform advanced queries against attribute values
Open WMS map layers from a remote server
Use map layers containing multiple file types in the same project
Open most ESRI ArcView®, ArcExplorer®, and MapInfo Professional® projects as well as TatukGIS project files
Create or edit TatukGIS project files
Zoom in/out, pan
Legend panel
Visual layer property control for all aspects of the layer appearance (colors, styles, polygon fills, outlines, symbols, labels, transparency, etc.)
Custom render thematic maps based on vector attribute fields, including colored-gradient value themes; color render grid layers
Manipulate pixel layers (brightness, transparency, histograms, etc.)
Color render Digital Terrain Model (DTM) or with directional light and shadowing
Scale bar and user defined scale for viewing/printing
Add, remove, and reorder layers in a project; unlimited number of layers
Advanced labeling features to control fonts, sizes, colors, dynamic positioning, etc.
Custom render map geometry, labels, charts, etc. based on zoom (scale) level
Use CGM and TrueType symbols for points and lines; CGM, TrueType, and WMF symbols for fills
URL Hotlink for automatic linking objects to any document referenced with a valid URL (web page, file, even mailto)
Present data as bar and pie charts
Spatial querying (by point, line, circle, rectangle, polygon, and custom clipboard layer) based on the Dimensionally Extended 9 Intersection Model (DE-9IM).
Advanced attribute data presentation, querying, and selection with the data panel; SQL query builder
Measurement tools for distance, area, and perimeter
Print and print preview, print to PDF file
Copy visible extent of all layers to Windows clipboard using the EMF meta format
Export specific extent to image files with full or reduced resolution: TIFF/GeoTIFF/LZW, JPEG, PNG, BMP, PixelStore, PDF
"Internet Server Wizard" to easily set up a simple ASP.NET project for web publishing with the TatukGIS Internet Server. This provides an easy and affordable path to web publish any GIS mapping project. Click here to see a sample that was prepared with the free Viewer and web published with the TatukGIS Internet Server LITE edition.
16 language user interface options

 Size : 18.19 MB

Download TatukGIS Editor v1.13.0.618

عضو جستجوگر سایتها و وبلاگهای فارسی زبان

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